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Building Responsibilities 

The convector below your windows provide heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. By law, the air conditioning is activated no later than May 15th, and the heat no later than October 15th. Unusual temperature conditions may prompt the management to change over earlier. Penthouse units on the tenth floor have individual heat and air conditioning sources available throughout the year. Matters relating to the convector fall under the Building's maintenance responsibilities. Please report any maintenance problem right away. Be aware that flooding is possible from a convector leak or blocked condensation drip-pan. Please monitor the convectors for possible leaks and report immediately to minimize damage and responsibility. Unreported old and dried-up water damage will be the shareholder's responsibility. 

Annual Filter Changes 
Convectors contain filters that are replaced by River Place West Maintenance. This service is both free and mandatory to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of our heating and air-conditioning system. Notices are posted under each apartment's door prior to each filter change. Furniture blocking the filter must be moved to facilitate this service. During the filter change, smoke detectors will be checked in compliance with the Arlington County Fire Department. If found necessary, batteries will be replaced for $15, and smoke detector found inoperable will be replaced for $35.

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